Robocall Replacement

Our Robocall Replacement service is the modern alternative to automated outbound calling. Designed for opinion research companies and telemarketing companies, this service provides a less expensive, less adversarial, lower risk and more convenient way to connect with consumers. Using this service, live inbound callers are delivered to your research or marketing campaigns. Features include:

  • Calls can be connected to your center via SIP-internet or by forwarding to your existing telephone number Unlimited number of campaigns can run at one time
  • Each campaign can have specific days and hours of operation
  • Each campaign has settings for maximum calls per day or over the campaign’s lifetime
  • Each campaign can be restricted to specific geographic areas
  • Each campaign can be restricted to a certain number of call pathways, so that we won’t send more calls than you have agents to answer them
  • Optional audio prompt can be uploaded for each campaign, which only connects to an agent if the caller presses one
  • Call detail records are available to show all calls routed to each campaign
  • Each campaign can easily be sized appropriately to achieve its objective, then de-activated at any time, reducing costs
  • Long-term contracts are not required