CLEC Number Tester

CLEC Number Tester

One problem that CLECs must reckon with is telephone number inventory control.  In addition to our Hosted Operations Support System which manages telephone number inventory, we also offer our Number Tester service either separately or integrated with our Hosted OSS.  This service constantly places inbound test calls to your spare, non-issued telephone numbers.  It will detect if:

  • A number has been ported away by another carrier without permission
  • A number that was previously ported away has been returned (snapped-back) to your inventory by the carrier who ported it
  • A records problem exists, causing a ported-away number to appear available in your records

Here’s how it works:

  • You setup translations to point your spare numbers to our switch via SIP
  • We will play the expected disconnected treatment for numbers not in service when they are not being tested
  • You provide us with a list of the spare numbers (can use our API to integrate with your own systems)
  • Our number tester will place a test call to any spare number that has not received a call in the past 90 days to verify that it is still reaching your network
  • When the inbound call reaches us via SIP, we playback a DTMF code which is recognized by the tester as a successful contact
  • We will retry each number three times at 18 hour intervals, to eliminate anomolous results
  • We can email a report of troubled numbers to you, you can view them live in our OSS portal, or our API can send the results back to your systems

If you provide us with records of your native numbers that have been ported away, our tester will test each one every 90 days to ensure that it is still ported away.

If any previously ported-away number passes the test, our tester will alert you to place the number back into inventory (for Hosted OSS or API users this happens automatically)